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FP People: who does what?

First of all, it might be useful to understand that everybody at FP Press has one primary job; customer service. Another advantage of working hard together for years is that every department has cross-trained operators to perform most jobs around the plant. Procedures are well documented and the best way to do the many tasks necessary to efficiently produce your job have been honed and refined through our system of continual self-improvement. Every FP employee is encouraged to offer ideas that might improve our throughput.

Dave Brown, President, runs the plant and is the center of a hub of activity. Running the press and the press crew has given Dave insight into the inner workings of the plant that many other plant managers never achieve. Dave also sets the standards for FP’s ecosystem of suppliers and trade shops, so his negotiation skills are crucial to making sure you get the best prices for paper and ink as well as outside bindery and finishing services. Dave has been with FP Press for over 30 years. Contact Dave at

FP Press employees tend to stick around a while
There is something about Fricke-Parks that our employees like. Many things, no doubt, which is why FP’s skilled staff stays with us so long, as illustrated in this partial list of employees who have been with us for 15 years or more:

Patti Parks-Wright Vice President
Lupe Girgis Office & Accounting Manager
Mary Girard Brown Production Manager
Paul Fry Prepress
Fawad Popal Prepress
Julian Islas-Martinez Press
Jose Lopez Press
Rodante Bernabe Press
Salvador Pedroza Bindery Supervisor
Jon Buenaflor Bindery
Mohammad Hamid Bindery
Cecilia Ortiz Bindery


Which brings us to Bob Parks, Chairman of the Board, CFO, Founder. Everyone in web printing in the Bay Area knows Bob. He uses his decades of experience and encyclopedic knowledge of printing techniques to guide FP Press through the changes that push our industry forward. His inventive tendencies have resulted in several unique pieces of equipment that he has designed and built to save money for the plant and for you, the customer.

Bob is also the architect of FP’s customer-centered approach and a master of motivating employees with innovative competitive programs to reduce waste and increase productivity.

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