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Equipment at FP Press

We specialize in web printing. Printing from rolls of paper instead of sheets of paper gives us the advantage of speed; more “impressions” per hour than the fastest sheet fed press can produce. We can change the configuration of our web presses to give you a wide variety of page counts and folding options.

In addition to “open web” printing on uncoated paper such as newsprint or book paper we also offer UV cured web printing on glossy coated paper, when your publication needs that extra “shine” that comes from glossy paper.

We also offer full pre-press facilities and an in house bindery department, so unlike most printing plants, we can produce your entire project under one roof, avoiding costly buyouts and delays from trade binderies.

FP Press also provides comprehensive mailing services, right from our Union City hub, saving you time and money in transportation and logistics.

However, if your job requires specialized services, our long standing relationships with local trade shops ensures that your job will be handled professionally under our careful supervision.

Click here to see a PDF list of our equipment and feel free to call us if you are curious about the capabilities of any piece of equipment.

Trade ecosystem

We are here to help you get your project done and done right. If your job needs services that FP Press doesn’t have in-house, our network of trade shops and suppliers can step in and provide almost any finishing service you require. Specialized bindery, die cutting, embossing, book binding; you name it and we can point you to a qualified resource. And since your time is money, we can manage those services for you if that helps you out.

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