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FP Plus

You are in business to communicate to your audience. One time-honored way to get current news to the group of people interested in the topic is to print a newspaper. While ink on paper is effective, targeted and reasonably cheap, why not increase your readership by putting your message online as well?

Online editions. The very same art you use to print your publication can be duplicated online by posting a PDF version of it on your web site. FP Plus will format your publication and, if you desire, provide links directly to your advertisers’ web sites, which makes advertising with your publication even more attractive.

Web site design. Don’t have a web site? Why struggle with learning how to create a web site? Why trust a stranger who says they know exactly what you need? FP Plus can get your new site online faster than you can say “world wide web”.

Graphic design. Publications, brochures and sales fliers, posters, calendars and display ads. If it has words and pictures, we can lay it out for you and make it ready for the press.

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