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FP and the community

Environment means two things at FP, taking care of the world we live in and taking care of the people in our community. FP Press takes pride in our ability to serve our customer’s needs. We use recycled paper and specially formulated low polluting inks to fall well below the Bay Area Air Quality Control Board standards as well as all federal and state regulations. Virtually all of our consumable supplies are recycled; paper, plates, ink, chemistry and lubricants. In fact, of the millions of pounds of materials that come into FP Press every year, a tiny fraction of 1% leave the plant as waste.

FP Press exists to serve the community we live in. We help people communicate with their target  audience. We help you choose the paper, ink and bindery methods you need. We help you distribute your publication, we work with you to keep costs down. But we also help in less direct ways. Many local school kids do projects using rolls of high quality paper donated by FP Press. We contribute to scholarship programs and we help deserving non-profit organizations with donations, valuable advice and pro-bono work. Most importantly, we provide you, our customers, with a choice that gives you personalized, professional publishing at a price that makes your publication practical and puts your message in front of the folks who need to see it. Big, publicly-traded printing factories are required to serve their shareholders first. An employee-owned printing company like FP Press has greater freedom to serve you, our customer.

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