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FP Press can print almost any size newspaper format from broadsheet to tabloid publications and also standard 8.5” x 11” formats that can be bound and trimmed into pamphlets and books. Each of our 30 units can print 16 pages at a time. We’ll help you choose the right size and format for your publication; if you are uncertain, we’ll price various sizes and page counts until you find the perfect fit to your needs.

In-house bindery

Our in-house bindery specializes in stitch and trim booklets, pamphlets, class schedules, brochures and similar bindery products. We also specialize in getting your publication to your readers with our in-house postal service. FP Press mails thousands of pieces per week, anywhere in the world.

Outsourced trade products

No printing operation can exist without outside trade services, no matter what they tell you. We keep the equipment we need in-house to service almost all of the projects that our clients ask us for. For the projects that fall outside of our internal capabilities, FP Press uses the best of our tried-and-true, seasoned trade partners to produce your project. You don’t have to take a single additional step. And since FP Press has been doing business in the San Francisco Bay Area for decades, we use the strength of our relationships in the trade community to get you the price and schedule you require. Plus, your FP customer service person has all the details of your job at their fingertips, they are your single point of contact. Other printers might pull the wool over your eyes, pretending to do your job in-house, at FP Press you know exactly who is doing the work.

Paper choices

Paper makes all the difference. In price and in the impression your publication makes on your readers, it all starts with your choice of paper. From newsprint to high quality gloss papers, we have many choices to offer. If you know exactly what type of paper you want, we’ll use our volume leverage to get you a great price. If you are open to ideas, we’ll suggest different types and grades until you find the paper or combination of papers to suit your needs.

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